Site specific interactive light installation.

4m h x 3m w x 6m l. Tulle, stainless black steel, interactive system (sensors +Arduino)


Translucent is an installation based on the stimulation of the imagination in the context of eroticism.

Though not revealed to view, not only the desire to see what is not shown leads to excitement, but also to an imaginary world with irresponsible thoughts where we experience a psychic experience with our lusts. It is an erotic state.

Everyone has their own labyrinth of fantasies and sensory emotion that seduces the affection of the senses. Light and textile can be a stimulator of our erotic experience, making it more tangible and sensual.

Through an action that triggers our emotions, a personal meaning of the light through our movement becomes a symbol of an interactive experience. The visitor is invited to wander around by his movement, modify the perception of space by playing with the intensity of the lighting textile.

This action creates a feeling of dream space; Imagination magnifies what is not visible and makes it potentially even more beautiful in the mind of the observer.


Location: National Museum of Science and Technology, Milan, IT

Date: 2016                    

Client: Video Sound Art

Collaborators: Interaction Designer, Jordi Garreta

credit photo: Masha Jahangard