Flawless — Amsterdam light festival

Site specific light installation.

5m h x 2m w x 8m l. Clear resin, photoluminescent pigments, stainless steel cables, aluminium ferrules.


Flawless —  Ephemerality of nature.

As temperature change, autumn turns into winter and elm trees shed their leaves. Flawless encourage to capture the leaves movement and its reflection, inviting to contemplate a natural environment connecting water and wind.

The intervention recalls the passage of time through seasons by transforming the perception of the landscape. The natural process of photosynthesis is essential for greener life in every city. We interpreted this phenomenon with a magic chemistry concept called photoluminescence; During the daytime, the pigments absorb energy from the sunlight, giving them a bright green glowing color at night. In this way the installation is self-sufficient and self-illuminated.

Visitors are attracted by this moving light poetry reflecting upon our relation to nature. Through our fantasy we feel close to our irreplaceable memories, imaginations and identities. Flawless invites us to fantasize, to wander away for moment and enhance connection with time. It evokes a positive message of happiness, an innate longing for a more fundamental relation to the natural world.

The contrast between the glowing structure and the dark environment shows how important light is for human being. It is the brightness of nature that makes a place where the spectator can be surprised and enjoy the landscape with fresh eyes.


Location: Natura Artis Magistra Zoo, Amsterdam, NL

Date: 2014

Client: Amsterdam Light Festival

Screenshot 2016-09-15 21.08.57.png
credit photo: Masha Jahangard